MagicTreamer - The reliable tellis that holds your plant and shows it off perfectly.

The system MagicTreamer™ is very flexible and stable at the same time and plants will rest on it savely with full foliage even in windy weather.


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Magic Treamer Ausstellung Magic Treamer Ausstellung

What is the MagicTreamer™ ?

MagicTreamer - an incredibly versatile climbing system.

The actual models are: > PlantoNoble > Onio > Quiddo

The palett of possible shapes, sizes and styles are unlimited. Some prototypes are shown on our Website

Small in the box - Huge in the pot

What is the difference in the MagicTreamer to other trellises?

  • A normal trellis is bulky and flat, sometimes heavy, too.
  • The MagicTreamer is surprisingly lightweight, small in the box. When assembled it is impressively large and voluminous due to its 3-dimensional construction.
  • Most known trellises get fixed by sticking the ends or some spikes into the soil and don`t even give reliable stand to themselves and the plant.
  • The MagicTreamers lower part is constructed like a basket that sits in the ground completely. This improves the stability essentialy and stability grows with the growth of the plant.
  • Standard tellises have a defined size and shape - their given one.
  • With the MagicTreamer models you decide on shape and size - by changing the placement of the rings you can build the Treamer the way you like and the way it fits your pot best.
  • Bamboo sticks, plastic grids or metal frames mainly have a static function.
  • The MagicTreamer itself is an eyecatcher, almost a sculpture. Besides that it is a trellis much more reliable and steady. Our model "PlantoNoble" even provides some aspects of plant protection: It can be equipped with an umbrella to protect sensible plants fom nasty weather

Where can the MagicTreamers be employed ?

  • Everywhere where free standing tellises have been employed. Use it in the garden, grown soil, use it for pot plants in any type of pot.
  • Use it for decoration of your balcony, in front of your house, shop, .... For summer decoration plant Thunbergia, Ipomea, Dipladenia, Solanum,....
  • You can use it for indoor-decoration of big rooms like offices, showrooms, hotel-lobby,.... (Passiflora, Stephanotis, Tetrastigma,.... ) Small versions of the MagicTreamer are perfect for decoration of your home. Use it with slower growing climbers.

What are the advantages of the MagicTreamer for the horticultural trade?

  • The bigger models (PlantoNoble, Onio) are perfect for growing impressive finished products. Great for flowering plants (Rosa, Clematis, Wisteria,.....) as well as for crop plants. (Kiwi, Shisandra, Guduchi,.....)
  • Growing of plants in the MagicTreamer makes production and tansport much easier.
  • For the production of young plants, especially with hardy climbers, the small models like "Quiddo" and "Dropo" are a geat solution. They give your plants a reliable rest over years and make handling much easier.
  • The value of your plant at the POS will increase considerable. Your product gets presented more appealing and will stand out against standard products.
  • One more big advantage for the producer of plants: We can develop a custom-tailored type for your needs, your plant, your pot size your favorite shape and hight. You can determine how thick and wide you want the band and can chose the material. Regular steel stip is standard but stainless steel can also be choosen.
  • The MagicTreamer without plant is an interesting article for a Garden Center or specialized shop. Easily stored in a shelf, easy to handle, easy to ship or deliver in its box and it will generate additional sales like plants or pots. Great for online-shops as well. Easily mounted by the customer at home.